Terms and Conditions

14. Terms and conditions
Terms and Conditions (the “Terms”) of the Surrey County Agricultural Society (the “Society”) for the Surrey County Show 2020 (the “Show”).

a) Definitions:
“Exhibitor” means the person or organisation applying to exhibit at the Surrey County Show, including their contractors and employees.
“Society” means the Surrey County Agricultural Society and in these terms and conditions shall be deemed to include Officials.
“Officials” means the Society’s employees or appointed stewards or contractors acting on behalf of the Society.
“Society’s Office” means the premises located at 8 Birtley Courtyard, Bramley, Surrey GU5 0LE. “Showground” means land designated by the Society at Stoke Park, Guildford, Surrey.
“Show” means Surrey County Show.
“Trade Space” means the space requested by the Exhibitor on the Exhibitor Booking Form.

b) Booking
• By submitting the Society’s trade stand booking form (“Exhibitor Booking Form”) the Exhibitor offers to hire the Trade Space and such of the goods and to purchase such of the services (the “Services”) as are specified in the Exhibitor Booking form.
• The Trade Space specified by the Exhibitor in the Exhibitor Booking Form constitutes a request by the Exhibitor for that Trade Space but is subject to availability. The Society shall be entitled to substitute an alternative Trade Space to the Exhibitor.
• A booking shall arise upon the Society receiving the Exhibitor Booking Form (a “Booking”).
• If a corner Trade Space has been requested by the Exhibitor but is not available, the Society may substitute the Trade Space and will refund the amount of any additional sums paid by the Exhibitor.
• All Exhibitors, while on the Showground, shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Society, as interpreted by the Society’s Officials. Exhibitors shall be answerable for the conduct of their contractors and employees.
• Officials have the power to order the removal of any article from the Showground or to close the stand of any Exhibitor who does not conform to the Regulations of the Society or the directions of
the Officials and if necessary, to expel such Exhibitor or his/her representatives from the Showground.
• The Society provides:
(i) the Trade Space during the set-up times set out on page 4; and
(ii) the other goods and services as specified in the Exhibitor Booking form for the day of the Show only.
(iii) The invoice will provide summary details of the Trade Space and any other goods and

Services, as specified in the Exhibitor Booking Form, that have been booked together with the cost thereof (the “Payment Sum”).
(iv) No Exhibitor shall move to any site other than that allocated to him/her without the prior express agreement of the Society
(v) Exhibitors who set up on the wrong space will be instructed to move the stand at no charge to the Society
(vi) The Society will not be responsible for any loss or damage from any error in the allotment of the space on the show ground or from any encroachment by an Exhibitor on the space allotted to another.

c) Early Booking Discount
• Exhibitor Booking forms received on or before the closing date for Early Booking Discounts on page 4 will receive a discount of 10% of the Trade Space provided payment and all documentation is received by the closing date. After this date the Trade Space will be charged at the full, undiscounted rate as set out in the Exhibitor Booking form.
• If the Exhibitor fails to make payment when booking the Trade Space then, without limiting any other right or remedy available to the Exhibitor, the Society may either charge the full amount of the trade space or terminate the contract with the Exhibitor.
• If an Exhibitor makes a booking after the closing date for bookings has passed and there is still space available, they will be subject to a 10% surcharge for late booking.

d) Encroachment
• An Exhibitor which, in the view of the Society, is occupying Trade Space in excess of that listed in its Exhibitor Booking form will be liable to pay a sum to the Society for the additional space that is
occupied at a rate to be determined by the Society at its absolute discretion, together with a fine of
• Any fines imposed by the Society under the terms of the Manual shall be due to the Society and shall be paid no later than 28 days after the day of the Show.

e) Payment
• Payment Sums and any other payments payable to the Society can be made by cheque to ‘Surrey County Agricultural Society’ or by debit or credit card or by BACS.
• The Society’s account details are:
Account Name: Surrey County Agricultural Society NatWest Bank PLC, Godalming Branch, Godalming. Account Number: 72889381
Sort Code: 60-09-04
• No variation to these Terms shall be binding unless agreed between the Society and the Exhibitor.

f) Cancellations and refunds
The Society reserves the right to terminate a Booking for any reason at any time before the date of the Show by written notice (“Termination Notice”).
Once a booking has been received, refunds will only be made in accordance with page 4.
(i) Cancellation by 17:00 on stipulated date = 50% of the total fee will be refunded.
(ii) Cancellation by 17:01 from stipulated date onwards = no refund.

g) Force Majeure
Neither the Society nor any of its employees, agents, consultants or sub-contractors, shall be considered in breach of its obligations to provide any Services referred to in the Exhibitor Booking form or the Manual under these Terms (“Obligations”) or under any liability whatsoever to the Exhibitor for non-performance, part performance, defective performance or delay in the performance of any Services supplied or to be supplied or work carried out or to be carried out by the Society, its employees, agents, consultants or subcontractors hereunder which is directly or indirectly caused by

or as a result of any circumstances beyond its reasonable control (each a “Force Majeure Event”), including but not limited to any of the following:
(i) Adverse weather conditions;
(ii) Failure of utility service, including but not limited to electric power, gas or water;
(iii) Acts, restrictions, regulations, bye-laws, prohibitions or measures of any kind on the part of any governmental, parliamentary or local authority;
(iv) Acts of God, including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, windstorm or other natural disaster;
(v) Acts of terrorism, civil disturbances, national emergency or riots;
(vi) war, threat of or preparation for war; or
(vii) fire or explosion.

A Force Majeure Event shall have the effect of suspending any of the Services provided by the Society to the Exhibitor and/or terminating all or part of the Show and suspending and/or terminating the Society’s Obligations.

h) Limitation of liability
i) The following provisions set out the Society’s entire liability (including any liability for the acts and omissions of its employees, agents, consultants and sub-contractors) to the Exhibitor in respect of: any breach of its contractual obligations arising under these Terms or the Manual; or any representation statement or tortious act or omission including negligence (but excluding any of the same made fraudulently) arising under or in connection with these Terms or the Manual.
ii) Any act or omission on the part of the Society falling within clause i) above shall for the purposes of this clause h) be known as an ‘Event of Default’.
iii) The Society does not exclude liability to the Exhibitor for death or injury resulting from its own or that of its employees’, agents’ or sub-contractors’ negligence.
iv) Subject to the limit set out in clause v) below the Society shall accept liability to the Exhibitor in respect of damage to the tangible property of the Exhibitor resulting from the negligence of the Society or its employees, agents, consultants and sub-contractors.
v) Subject to the provisions of clause iii) above the Society’s entire liability in respect of any Event of Default shall be limited to damages of an amount equal to the Payment Sum.
vi) Subject to clause iii) above the Society shall not be liable to the Exhibitor in respect of any Event of Default for the loss of profits, business, goodwill or any type of special indirect or consequential
loss (including damage to the Exhibitor’s reputation and goodwill and loss or damage suffered by the Exhibitor as a result of an action brought by a third party) even if such loss was reasonably foreseeable or the Society had been advised of the possibility of the Exhibitor incurring the same. If a number of Events of Default give rise to substantially the same loss then they shall be regarded as giving rise to only one claim under this Contract.

i) Public and product liability insurance
• Exhibitors are required to hold Public and Product Liability insurance cover commensurate to the nature of their activity or business and to supply copies of the same on booking for a Trade Space.

j) Risk assessments
• All Exhibitors are required to undertake a risk assessment appropriate to the Show to include setting up, breakdown and operation during the Show. A separate fire risk assessment is also required where there is any element of fire risk.

k) Refusal and cancellation of bookings
• The Society reserves the right to refuse, or cancel any booking as it thinks fit.

l) Raffles, auctions, leaflets and scratch cards
• No auctions or mock auctions are allowed without the written consent of the Society. It is expected

that all goods for sale should be on open display.
• Raffle tickets, scratch cards and leaflets may only be distributed/sold with the express written consent of the Society and strictly within the Trade Space confines.
• Under no circumstances will the Society allow trading, leafleting or collections outside the area of the trade stand nor the distribution of leaflets in any part of the Showground, including the car parks and approach roads.

m) Information
• Information will be stored electronically and may be published on our website and in the Show Guide. Submission of an Exhibitor application is consent for this. Further information can be found in our privacy policy located on our web site.

n) Protests and demonstrations
• Protests, demonstrations, deputations and delegations are strictly prohibited and Exhibitors must confine all their activities to their stand area only.

o) Exhibitors selling food
• All Exhibitors selling food must be registered with their Local Authority and have a Food Hygiene Rating which must be displayed on their stand. Evidence of this will be requested on booking.
• Only Exhibitors in the Food Hall are permitted to sell food for immediate consumption unless expressly agreed in advance with the Society.
• Only Exhibitors in the Food Hall and Farmers’ Market are permitted to give away food or drink or provide tastings or samples, unless expressly agreed in advance with the Society.
• Exhibitors’ selling alcoholic drinks will need to apply for their own Temporary Event Notice (TEN) and will need their personal licence available for inspection.

p) Fires and barbeques
• No Exhibitor may light a fire or barbeque for any purpose whatsoever unless he has the authority of the Society to do so. All authorised fires and barbeques must be put out at the time of closing the showground.
• The use of LPG cylinders is not permitted except by prior written agreement with the Society and the receipt by the Society of an appropriate risk assessment.

q) Trade stands with live animal displays
• Details of the animals to be exhibited in the Trade Space together with the name, address and telephone number of the person responsible for the same during the Show must be sent to the Show organiser at the time of booking.
• If livestock of any description are to form part of an exhibition, it is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to obtain any necessary movement orders from the appropriate authority, and to comply with any regulations that may be in force at the time of departure to or at the Show.
• It is an offence to bring livestock to the Show when restrictions are in force.

r) Moving machines, vehicles, equipment and demonstrations
• Moving machines may be demonstrated with prior written consent from the Society subject to the same causing no interference or annoyance to neighbouring stands.
• Demonstrating vehicles is strictly forbidden in the Avenues during the Show.
• Exhibitors’ vehicles are only allowed on the Showground if they have the requisite passes. Vehicles are only allowed to move on the Showground during the permitted times. Only vehicles with Static Vehicle Passes are allowed to remain on the Showground outside the permitted times and under no circumstances can they be moved outside these times

15. Services

a) Security
• Security services are on the Showground with regular patrols being carried out from the Friday before the Show, overnight and during the day.
• Notwithstanding the provision of security, no responsibility can be accepted by the Society for any losses at any time. It is advised that if an Exhibitor is particularly concerned, they employ their own security personnel. No Show staff will be permitted to carry out security duties for Exhibitors.
Exhibitors who are not on the Showground overnight must give the name and contact number of a secondary person who will be responsible for the stand when not manned on the booking form. Any Exhibitor discovering losses or alleged theft from their stands must report this immediately to a Steward and follow this up with a written report to the Show Office.
• Exhibitors are advised not to leave any portable items on display overnight on their stands and to secure the front of their stands.

b) Water
• Water and stand pipes are available at Stoke Park.

c) Inclement weather, ground conditions or other circumstances
• Exhibitors must ensure that they have made adequate suitable preparation to allow for adverse weather conditions at the Show. If for any reason assistance in moving Exhibitors’ vehicles or property is required and provided by the Society, in applying for a trade stand, Exhibitors shall agree to indemnify the Society, their agents and employees and any other person who may assist them against any claims in respect of damage to vehicles or property arising from the assistance. Please do not drive over neighbouring Trade Space. The show reserves the right to restrict or refuse vehicle access to the Showground at any time to protect the ground.

d) Disabled Facilities and Disability Discrimination Act (2005) (‘the Act’)
• If you or a member of your staff are disabled, you will be able to park in the Disabled Car Park upon production of your blue “disabled” sticker. The Disabled Car Parks are located at the front of the
main car park. Mobility scooters are available to hire from both locations. They should be booked well advance of the Show to ensure availability. Telephone Event Mobility on: 01386 725391 or book online at www.eventmobility.org.uk
• Please let us know if you have any particular requirements and we will do our best to help you. The organisers have taken care to provide facilities for disabled visitors as far as they are able to.
• Exhibitors must make adequate provision to ensure that any areas for which they are responsible comply with the correct requirements of the Act.

e) Camping and caravans
• There are no separate camping facilities at the showground, however caravans and camper vans may be parked in the trade space and special arrangement may be made with the office for overnight spots on the showground and in any event these should be removed to the Exhibitors’ Car Park no later than 07:30 on Show day. There are no electrical hook ups.
• All Exhibitors are reminded that if they intend to sleep overnight within or behind their Trade Space, they are required to complete the appropriate section on the Exhibitor Booking Form, so that the relevant authorities can be notified in the event of an emergency. As with all sleeping accommodation, a working battery smoke detector must be installed. The Show security contractor will be made aware of those sleeping overnight on the Showground.
• There are limited showering facilities available at the Nightingale Road entrance.
• There is no sewage disposal facility.
• If the caravan/campervan is to remain on the Trade Space then a static vehicle pass must be requested.

16. Show build up and break down
a) Show build up
• The Showground will be accessible for build up as stated on page 4. Please note that no vehicles will be admitted to the Showground under any circumstances after 07:30 on Show day. Only vehicles
displaying the correct vehicle pass will be permitted access to the Showground. All vehicles (including stock vehicles) other than those that form part of a trade stand display should be removed from the Showground and parked in the Exhibitors Car Park by 07:30 on Show day. During build up, to ease traffic congestion, exhibitors are requested to remove vehicles, once unloaded to the nearest car park.
• Exhibitors are welcome and, indeed, encouraged to set up their Trade Space in the days before the Show.
• Exhibitors’ vehicles will be able to access the Showground up to 07:30 on the day of the show to set up and supply their stand. Each and every vehicle will be required to show a vehicle pass.
• A static vehicle pass will be issued on request to Exhibitors taking Open Space or space in the Food Hall or Farmers’ Market for one vehicle which is to remain on the show ground during Show day. Additional static vehicle passes are available at an additional cost and on request.
• Exhibitors’ vehicle Set Up Pass. These will be issued on request to all Exhibitors. On Show Day, the driver of the vehicle will be required to pay a £50.00 cash deposit on entry to the Showground and will be issued with a receipt. This sum will be returned at the exit gate on production of the receipt providing this is before 07:30. Failure to leave before this time will result in forfeiture of the deposit.
• Vehicles or caravans that do not fit on to the Trade Space must be removed from the Showground prior to 07:30 and parked in either the public car park or the Exhibitors’ car park, both of which are free of charge.
• All vehicles with static car passes must be parked up by 07:30 and all other vehicles must be off the Showground by 07:30. Vehicles without the requisite passes, parked in incorrect positions or on the park but parked incorrectly outside the security fence line may be removed by Show staff.
• The public are allowed onto the Showground at 08:00. Exhibitors must have their Trade Space ready for business by 08:00 on Show day and must continue to be available for business until closure at 18:00. Vehicles will not be permitted on to the Showground or move around on the showground before 18:00 and this may be later at the discretion of the Society if circumstances require.

b) Excavations
• Any excavation or breaking of ground must be approved by the Society beforehand and fully restored within one week of the close of the Show.

c) Show breakdown
• No part of a stand may be closed or dismantled before 18:00 on Show day. Exhibitors should remain at their sites until the order is given to depart.
• No vehicle movement is allowed on to the Showground until Officials have given notification.
• All vehicles on the Showground must adhere to the 10mph maximum speed limit.
• All loads must be properly secured at all times.
• Please be aware that hand-held mobile phones should not be used when driving on the Showground.
• All vehicles must at all times be driven by a properly licensed and fully insured driver.

d) Clearing and tidying up after the Show.
• Exhibitors are responsible for the removal of any material resulting from the construction and dismantling of their stand.
• The Society will make a charge of at least £100.00 plus VAT against any Exhibitor if the Society has to undertake any reinstatement work. This sum will increase if the reinstatement work is substantial.

17. During the Show
a) Opening hours
• The Show is open 08:00 – 18:00 on Show day. Trade Stands must be open at all times during these hours. Vehicle movement is not allowed on the Showground until all public have left.
b) Stand identification, siting and maintenance
• All sites will be clearly numbered by the Society. Marking pegs must not be removed, disturbed or obscured by Exhibitors.
• All Exhibitors must provide a clear sign bearing the name of the firm or organisation as listed in the Show Guide.
• Exhibitors must not occupy any space on the Showground other than that booked by themselves. Encroaching on other Exhibitors’ Trade Space is strictly forbidden. If a marquee or tent is too big for the space booked, the Exhibitor will be expected to change it or take it down. Adopting what appears to be a vacant site may result in removal from the Showground.
• Sub-letting or re-letting of space is expressly forbidden and may result in the Trade Space being refused in subsequent years.
• Unless another surface is booked, all Trade Space is located on a grass surface. If an Exhibitor is using his /her own marquee or gazebo, it is their responsibility to ensure the structure is adequately anchored to withstand high winds and adverse weather.
• No mechanical digging (including demonstrating mechanical equipment) will be allowed. Demonstration of chainsaws, use of generators (other than Silent Generators) or other noisy equipment is prohibited. Please beware of underground cables. It is your duty to check for buried cables before penetrating the ground. We are able to advise on the approximate location of cables. No post holes shall be bore or dug by an exhibitor without prior authority from the Show Manager. Any damage to the underground or other services or the showground caused by authorised diggings will result in an Exhibitor being liable for any and all repair charges.
• In the event of wet conditions and/or soft ground we ask that heavy vehicles are sited on roadways to prevent them from becoming stuck and damaging the ground. Please note that in the event of damage occurring, reinstatement is the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

c) Rubbish and recycling
• Waste containers will be sited around the Showground and will be emptied as and when necessary. Exhibitors are required to maintain and leave their stand spaces and surrounding area in a clean, tidy and hygienic condition at all times. Waste material must not be stored at the rear of a stand. Please be aware of the fire risk when storing waste. Recycling bins are available across the showground.
• Failure to leave your stand clear of any rubbish or recycling will result in a fine of £100 (plus VAT).

d) Goods being sold / shown
• Exhibitors are instructed that under no circumstances may they offer a service or sell goods other than those described on their Exhibitor Booking Form. The holding of auctions is prohibited as is the selling of goods other than from approved Trade Space.
• Organisations wishing to make appeals for contributions or run competitions must seek prior written approval from the Society. Exhibitors will not be permitted to make collections outside of their stands or draw attention to themselves with undue noise.
• Only new or unregistered vehicles may be exhibited for sale. If you wish to exhibit or sell used vehicles please apply to the Society for permission.
• The Society reserves the right to order any Exhibitor to remove its equipment from the Showground if the Exhibitor or their stand is not of a type or standard considered acceptable.
• All items sold, with the exception of food, over the value of £15 should be accompanied with a receipt bearing the trading address and telephone number of the Exhibitor.
• The Society does not grant exclusivity to any company or organisation for the marketing or selling of goods or services at the Show.

• The sale of firearms that are not licensed (e.g. ball bearing guns etc.) is strictly forbidden. The display of knives for sale (including knife blanks) must be in a locked display cabinet unless protected in a pre-sealed pack at the time of manufacture. Any Trade Space displaying or selling knives must do so in accordance with the current legislation and must ensure that an age verification system is in force. All employees must be trained and aware of the system. Suitable age restriction signage must be clearly on display.
• In the interests of animal health and the environment, the Society prohibits balloons from the Showground and therefore these must not be sold or given out to the general public.
• If an Exhibitor is planning to include chlorine when filling pools or spas, at close of show a neutralising agent must be added before the water is released. A record of the amount of chlorine placed in each pool / spa is required to be retained for inspection by the relevant authorities. This is to comply with the Environmental Protection Act to avoid pollution of the water course and drainage system.

e) Noise
• The use of amplifiers, megaphones or other noisy equipment is prohibited. The Society reserves the right to require any person or persons to leave the Showground who, in its absolute discretion, it considers is/are creating unnecessary noise, nuisance or disturbance.
• Exhibitors wishing to play copyright music on their stand by means of TV, video, slide/tape presentation, record/tape player or even live are reminded that it is necessary to obtain a licence from the Performing Rights Society.
• Where audio equipment is used or live music is played as part of an exhibition, permission must first be obtained from the Society.
• If Exhibitors are using radio communications they must inform the Society of the frequencies they are using at least one month in advance of the Show. They may be required to change frequency if they conflict with that being used by the Society.

f) Responsible drinking
• The Show attracts visitors of all ages and works hard to uphold the full licensing objectives – the prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, the prevention of public nuisance and the protection of children from harm. All Exhibitors must follow the following golden rules of responsible drinking:
i) Respect the over 18 rule applied at the bars on the Showground (please ask customer for valid proof of age if unsure)
ii) Purchasing/supplying alcoholic drinks by/to anyone under the age of 18 is illegal.
iii) Anyone who appears to be intoxicated must not be served or given alcohol and may be asked to leave the Showground.

g) Dogs
• Dogs are welcome on the Showground. Please ensure that you clear up after your dog. Dogs must be kept on a lead on the Showground at all times.

h) Sleeping on the Showground
• All Exhibitors are reminded that if they intend to sleep overnight within or behind their Trade Space, they are required to complete the relevant section on the Exhibitors’ Booking Form, so that the relevant authorities can be notified in the event of an emergency. As with all sleeping accommodation, a working battery smoke detector must be installed. The Show security contractor will be made aware of those sleeping overnight on the Showground.

i) Insurance and responsibility
• Exhibitors must have appropriate liability insurances in place (public, product, employer). The minimum cover should be commensurate with the Exhibitor’s business and should cover the Exhibitor’s stand or display and any additional equipment under their control. If food is sold there should be specific insurance to cover against food poisoning for the same amount.

A copy of your insurance certificate should be submitted with your booking form. Entrance tickets and vehicle passes will not be issued until all relevant documents have been received.
• The Society does not have insurance covering cancellation of the Show. We recommend that Exhibitors consider taking out their own insurance to cover such an eventuality. Exhibitors shall
not have any claim against the Surrey County Show, or any member of the Surrey County Agricultural Society in respect of any loss or damage whatsoever consequent upon the Show or any part of
its failing (for whatever reason) to be held or having to be abandoned. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that his servants or agents are aware of all the conditions and regulations regarding their trade space.

j) Copyright
• The organisers have no copyright responsibility in respect of any Exhibitor. Exhibitors are reminded that third party copyrights should not be infringed. Proper dispensation must be obtained and any royalties due paid prior to the use of materials. Should any copyright dispute arise then the Society will not be liable for any resulting loss or damages sustained by any Exhibitor.

19. Health and Safety
a) Health and Safety at Work 1974
• Any Exhibitor or contractor must comply with all relevant legal requirements associated with their business. Those not complying with the relevant legal requirement will be liable for prosecution. Exhibitors and contractors are reminded that it is now a requirement for them to have completed a Risk Assessment to identify any significant risks which may be associated with their operation, including Fire Safety risks, and the enforcing authorities may require these in writing at any time. Risk Assessment forms are included in the Exhibitor Booking form.
• A completed and signed risk assessment should be returned with your booking form. Entrance tickets and vehicle passes will not be issued until a copy has been received.
• The Society reserves the right to close down, immediately, any area identified by the Health and Safety Officer as unsafe or not meeting acceptable standards of safety for a period to be decided also by the Health and Safety Officer

b) Food safety standards
• Exhibitors must comply in full with Food Safety and Health and Safety legislation and food handlers should be trained to a level commensurate with their food handling responsibilities. At least ONE person on the stand should have received (and be able to prove/justify if needed) a satisfactory level of food hygiene training. A photo copy of certificates will be accepted.

c) First aid and emergencies
• Services are provided adjacent to the Show Office. In the case of an emergency alert the Chief Steward for the area. As a last resort contact the Show Office but be warned the phones can be extremely busy. The Chief Steward will call for assistance via the radio should it be required. Exhibitors should identify the Chief Steward, the First Aid tent, Show Office and security staff prior to the commencement of the Show.

d) Fire precautions – Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005)
• Bookings will not be accepted without a completed fire risk assessment. Exhibitors must have the appropriate arrangements in place to mitigate any potential risk, including having a fire extinguisher available if deemed appropriate in their Fire Risk Assessment.
• Smoking should not be allowed on the stand and visible signage be provided to this effect. Where appropriate, at each entrance to the Trade Space ‘No Smoking’ signs must be displayed. The signs must have the “no smoking” symbol and the wording “These are a no smoking premises”.

e) Risk assessment
• The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require all employees and
self-employed persons to assess the risks to workers and any others who may be affected either directly or indirectly by their undertaking.
Bookings cannot be accepted without a completed risk assessment. Risk assessments with n/a across the form are not acceptable.

The below example should help you to complete your risk assessment:

Hazard Person at risk Controls to minimize risk
Look only for hazards which you could reasonably expect to result in significant harm under the conditions in your workplace.
Use the following examples as a guideline:
There is no need to list individuals by name – just think about groups of people doing similar work or who might be affected: For the hazards listed, do the precautions already taken:
Meet the standards set by a legal requirement?
Comply with recognised industry standards.
Represent good practice? Reduce risk as far as possible? Have you provided:
Adequate information, instruction and training?
Adequate systems or procedures?
If so, then the risks are adequately controlled but you need to indicate the precautions you have in place.

Slipping / tripping hazards Chemicals (ie battery acid) Moving parts of machinery (eg blades) Work at height (eg set-up
/ take-down structures/awnings/ stands etc) Pressure systems Vehicles (eg fork lifts, cars on stands) Electricity Dust Fumes Manual handling- unloading and loading of stock Noise Livestock on stand Lifting operations.

Office staff Maintenance personnel Contractors Operators Cleaners Members of the Public.

Pay particular attention to: People with disabilities Visitors Inexperienced Staff Lone Workers.
Fire hazards, eg: Combustable materials (rubbish, flammable substances, LPG etc) Ignition sources (flames, electrical, smoking etc).

As above.
Means of escape, fire detection and alarms, fire fighting equipment and fire evacuation plan.

20. Publicity and PR
Exhibitors may only erect banners, flags, hoardings, posters and other advertising material within their own area. Exhibitors should note that advertising elsewhere is reserved exclusively for the Society and that any items placed elsewhere will be removed. On-site advertising opportunities are available, contact with Show Office for costs and conditions.

a) Show Guide listings and advertising
• Please complete the Exhibitor Booking form for your free catalogue entries in both the alphabetical list and, if required, one or two classified entries. Show Guide entries need to be supplied to the Show Office the date set out on page 4. Those entries received after this date will not be included in the Show Guide.
• If a more substantial advertisement in the Show Guide is required, please see page 10 for pricing and contact details.

b) Photographic rights
• Exhibitors give permission for any photographic and/or film or TV footage taken of persons or exhibits taking part in any of the Society’s events to be used and published in any media whatsoever for editorial purposes, press information or advertising by or on behalf of the Society and/or official sponsors of the Society.

c) Advertising around the Showground
• Banner advertising: Advertising space for banners is available around the perimeter of the Main arena and the other smaller arenas. Banners must be delivered to the Show Office on Stoke Park between 13th – 24th May and are left at the owners risk.
• Any unauthorised banners on display will be removed.
• After the Show, banners will be taken down and may be collected from the Society’s Office in Bramley before the date set out on page 4. The Society will not be responsible for any banners that are not collected from the Society Office within 60 days of the Show.

d) Sponsorship
• The Society has a comprehensive range of sponsorship packages for both the County Show and the Ploughing Match in September.
• Not only does sponsorship help the Society further it’s charitable objectives but can also help widen the Sponsor’s reach to the very large number of people who come to our events. For further information, email partnership@surreycountyshow.co.uk

21. Tradestand competition

All trade stands will be automatically entered into the Surrey County Agricultural Society trade stand competition and be judged unless otherwise requested.

Class 1: The agricultural award
This is open to all stands whose business is primarily engaged with the agricultural and horticultural industry. The winner will be awarded the Society Challenge Cup.
2019 winners
1st Hollywater Hens
2nd West Surrey Spinners, Weavers and Dyers
3rd Innovation for Agriculture

Class 2: The food and drink award
This is open to all stands whose business is primarily engaged with the food and drink industry.
2019 winners
1st Slade Farm Asparagus
2nd The Cherry Tree
3rd The Wholesome Bakery

Class 3: The major exhibitor award
This is open to all major exhibitions at the show. The winner will be awarded the WM Perpetual Challenge Cup.
2019 winners
1st The Surrey Federation of the WI
2nd Julian Christian Ltd
3rd Surrey Beekeepers

Class 4: The general tradestand award
This is open to all stands not covered in classes 1 to 3.
2019 winners
1st The Iron Man 2nd The Kraabu Tree 3rd Oh Happy Place

Prize cards will be awarded to the winner of each class. Judging will commence at 9am.

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