Farm and crop competitions

The Surrey County Agricultural Society encourages agriculture and agricultural employees in their various crafts to promote good farming. This is reflected by the organisation of several annual farm competitions. Judges are invited from other agricultural societies outside the Surrey area and spend up to two days inspecting the entries on farms spread across the county – which make up the rich pattern of our scenic countryside in Surrey.

There are keenly fought competitions for maize and maize clamp, barley, legumes, wheat, rape, peas and oats. Health of plants, quality of crop, density of growth, soil conditions and weed control are all major factors to be considered when judging.

rules and regulations

  1.  Exhibitors MUST be Members of the Society farming in Surrey, and all exhibits in the growing crop must be within the county boundary.
  2.  An Exhibitor withdrawing any exhibit after entry will not be entitled to have entry fees returned.
  3.  If there are less than four entries in any class the Third Prize may be withheld, and the Executive & Finance Committee reserve the right to cancel any class with less than three exhibitors. In the event of a class having to be cancelled the entry fees will be returned.
  4.  Any competitor intending to object to any exhibit must notify the same in writing to the Secretary within one hour of the Class having been judged with a deposit of £10, which will be returned if the protest is sustained; but if, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, the objection is unreasonable, the deposit will be forfeited. The decision of the Executive Committee shall be final and binding on all parties.
  5.  A Judge’s decision shall be final.
  6.  That neither the Society nor any of its officers or servants will be responsible for anything that may happen to exhibitors, their servants or any other person, or their respective property, or to any exhibit at the Show, and it shall be considered a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall hold the Society blameless, and he shall be considered to indemnify the Society against any legal proceedings, claims or demands in respect thereof.

growing crops

  1. The whole field to be shown.
  2. The whole piece of one variety to be shown.
  3. An exhibitor may only take one prize in each class.
  4. In the Growing Crop classes, ALL placings, ie 1st – 3rd, will be awarded.

Growing crop of Maize & Maize Clamp

  1. No crops grown on a sewage farm will be accepted for competition.
  2. The Judges will inspect the Maize crop in September and the Maize Clamp in December.


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