Press Release – Surrey County Show 2020


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the current measures being advised by the Government in relation to social isolation and the withdrawal of emergency services, our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our staff, volunteers, members and you, our audience.   This in conjunction with the announcement by Guildford Borough Council that they are cancelling all events on their premises until the 1st June 2020, has meant we have been forced to make the extremely difficult decision to cancel this year’s event which was due to take place on Monday 25th May 2020.

This has not been an easy decision to make and we understand that this cancellation will be as disappointing to you, as it is to us.

We are also intent on securing our Charity’s continuity and ensuring that we are here for you to enjoy future County Shows.  As a financially independent charity, our next steps must be carefully planned.  As you can imagine, with our event being only 9 weeks away, planning has been in full swing for some months now and considerable costs have already been incurred. 

We are currently looking at alternative options and are in discussion with our contractors and entertainers, together with a number of other agricultural societies.  This is to ensure we do not clash with other shows and that we provide the usual County Show offerings with a view to running a show later in the year, providing it’s safe to do so.  Further information will be available as soon as possible. 

Please help us support our Charity

Our hearts go out to our staff – who, like many, face a particularly uncertain situation: for them, this cancellation has a huge impact on their livelihood.

This is a personal plea that you consider converting the value of your cancelled ticket purchases, either in part or full, into a donation (on which we will claim Gift Aid wherever possible) that will help us secure the Society’s long-term financial viability and support these crucial members of staff who will have a much reduced income over the coming months.

We appreciate that making a donation may not be feasible for everyone and will continue to offer refunds. Following this message, you’ll find an outline of next steps in relation to your cancelled tickets. 

I know we are all very worried about the impact that COVID-19 is having on our loved ones and daily lives. All at Surrey County Agricultural Society send you our very best wishes and look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Jonathan Thompson


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