Side Saddle Costume Concours d'Elegance

Judge: Mrs Joanna Gillespie

The Surrey Union Perpetual Challenge Cup (2) will be awarded to the winner of this class.

Competitors in this class are invited to parade with the Surrey Union Hunt hounds in the Main Arena.

The sole criterian for this class is the elegance of the picture presented by horse/pony and rider and the way of going of the horse/pony. Safe tack must be used. Detailed inspection of the rider's period costume is not required. Fancy dress is not permitted. Competitors are required to walk, trot and canter. No individual show is required, but the judge may ask small groups of riders to give short displays. A special rosette will be awarded to the highest placed adult and junior members of the Side Saddle Association, carrying their current Championship points card. Competitors should produce a brief written resume of their costume for the commentator.

37  Side Saddle Costume Concours d'Elegance