Show Jumping

Chairman of judges: Mrs Joanna Gillespie

Judge: Susan May and Miss Sara Mould

Time judge: Mr Peter Walker

Course designer: Mr Kelvin Bywater (assisted by Mr Tim Price)  


1. Classes will be judged in accordance with the rules of British Showjumping. All horses entered in classes 50, 51 and 52 must be owned by members of British Showjumping, registered with British Showjumping and ridden by members in accordance with rule 79.

2. All three classes are drawn order and if a competitor has not presented their self to the collecting ring steward by the time they are due in the arena, they will not be able to compete in that class.

3. Unaccompanied competitors must provide the Show Organiser with a contact telephone number in case of an emergency.

4. Entries limited to 30 and no rider may ride more than two horses. 

6. In the event of insufficient starters, lower prizes may be withheld in accordance with Rule 76.6.


Class 50: FG Barnes Grade C Welcome Stakes incorporating Equine Myoplast Senior Foxhunter - first round

To be judged in accordance with rule 310. Table two phase. Speed 350m per minute. Maximum height of fences 1.20m.


Class 51:  Savills County Stakes

Under Table A4. Speed 400 metres per minute. Maximum height of fences 1.45m.

The Mappin and Webb Perpetual Challenge Cup awarded to the winner of this class.


Class 52: Area Trial, Grand Prix

Area Trial to be judged in accordance with Rule 293. For registered horses in Grades A and B.

Under Table ‘A9’. Speed 375m per minute. Maximum height of fences 1.55m
Qualifies for The Queen Elizabeth II Cup at the BHS Royal International Horse Show (top 20 riders on the area/international trials points list 1/4 - 30/9). 1st: 64 points, 2nd: 32 points, 3rd: 16 points, 4th: 8 points, 5th: 4 points, 6th: 2 points. Riders placed equal will share equally the total points attributable to the combined placings. Points are awarded to each rider as the result of his/her best six results on points in Area Trials held during the qualifying period. Visiting members are eligible to compete in Area Trial competitions, but will not be awarded points.

The Crusader Perpetual Challenge Cup to be awarded to the winner of this class.

50 FG Barnes Grade C Welcome stakes incorporating Equine Myoplast Foxhunter - first round
51 Savill County Stakes
52  Area Trial, Grand Prix