Ridden Veterans

Judge: Mrs Clare Cameron

£40 to the Champion and £30 to the Reserve Champion.  

Affiliations: VHS.

Qualifiers: 1. Veteran Horse Society - Area Qualifier 2019, 2. TSR Showing Finals

Veteran Horse Society - Area Qualifier 2019. First round qualifier for the Veteran Horse Society Supreme Final: VETERAN HORSE OF THE YEAR 2019. Kindly sponsored by Allen & Page. Open to members and non-members. All competitors and grooms must adhere to the VHS rules in all circumstances. Failure to do so may result in immediate disqualification.

VHS Regional Final Qualification. All competitors placed 1st - 4th in each Area Qualifier class will qualify for the corresponding class at VHS Regional Finals. Members must carry their card in the ring at all times and have their showing card signed by the judge as proof of qualification. Non-members will receive a red qualification card which can be exchanged for a signed showing card when applying for VHS membership. It is the competitors responsibility to present their showing card to the judge. Regional finals are open to members only. All competitors are eligible to enter open classes at the National Veteran Championships, 27th - 29th September 2019, Arena UK, Lincolnshire. No qualification or membership necessary. See the VHS web site for schedule.

24 Diamond veteran ridden (25 years and over). Open to horses and ponies of any breed and height.
25 Veteran ridden (20 - 24 years)Open to horses and ponies of any breed and height.
26 Pre-veteran ridden (15 - 19 years). Open to horses and ponies of any breed and height.