Ridden Hunter

Judge: Hon Mrs Lucinda Cavendish (conformation) and Mr Anthony Webber (ride)

£40 to the Champion and £30 to the Reserve Champion 

The ‘Bernard Weatherill’ Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the Champion Ridden Hunter in classes 1-4.

The John McInerney Perpetual Challenge Trophy (74) presented to the best Novice Hunter.

Affiliations: Ponies (UK), SHB (GB), IDHS (GB) and TSR.

Qualifiers: 1. RIHS (SHB (GB) 019 Rules), 2. Blue Chip and IDHS (GB) £2000 Challenge, 3. Ponies (UK) Amateur Riders  Hunter Gold Medal Series, 4. Ponies (UK) Open Hunter Gold Medal Series, 5. TSR Showing Finals. 

All exhibits in the Ridden Hunter classes must be registered with SHB (GB) and the Ridden Hunter classes will be judged under SHB (GB) 2019 rules. Day ticket = £36 (this entitles competitors to compete at a maximum of 2 shows in the year at £36 per show - it covers owner and rider membership together with horse registration for that show). If the class is a qualifying class for RIHS, in order for the qualification to be valid, application for full owner/rider membership and horse registration must be received in the SHB (GB) office within 14 days.

1 Novice hunter, mare or gelding, any weight, four years or over - not having won a prize of £60 or a total of £200 (or equivalent values) in prize money in any SHB (GB) affiliated Ridden hunter classes at home or abroad, before 1st January 2019, excepting all prize money awarded as a four-year-old. Owners and/or riders need to be SHB (GB) members and the horse needs to be on the SHB (GB) basic ID. These horses will be ridden by the judge and it is the owner's responsibility to ensure the horse is capable of being ridden by another rider. The Polly Coles 4 and 5 year old Ridden Hunter Championship - the top three 4 or 5 year olds will qualify. Qualification will not pass down the line. At the final to be held at the National Hunter Supreme Championship Show the highest placed 4 and 5 year old will receive £1000. 
2 Lightweight hunter, mare or gelding, four years old or over, capable of carrying up to  79.5kgs (12 stone 7lbs). 
3 Middleweight hunter, mare or gelding, four years old or over, capable of carrying 79.5kgs (12 stone 7lbs) to 89kgs (14 stone).
4 Heavyweight hunter, mare or gelding, four years old or over, capable of carrying over 89kgs (14 stone).