Judge: Mr Richard Lutwyche

£50 to the champion and £25 to the reserve

Classes for pedigree pigs of any breed (classes will be divided between white and coloured breeds if numbers permit)

The Pratt Barlow Perpetual Trophy will be awarded to the Champion pig. 

The British Saddleback Breeders’ Club offers a breed rosette for the Best British Saddleback in classes 380 - 383.

The Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig Breeders’ Club offers a best of breed rosette awarded to GOSPBC members only, for the Best Gloucestershire Old Spots in classes 380 - 383.

The Middle White Pig Breeders’ Club offers a breed rosette for the Best Middle White owned by a club member in classes 380 - 383.

The Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Society offers to members only, a Best of Breed rosette for the best Oxford Sandy and Black Pig and also a Champion of Champion qualifying rosette. If the pig has already qualified, then the reserve will qualify in its place.

This show is a qualifying show for the Berkshire Pig Breeders Cub 'Champion of Champions 2019'. The Berkshire Pig Breeders Club offers a rosette for the qualifying pig which must belong to a member of the club. The Champion Berkshire pig, unless already qualified at a previous show, will go forward. If the Champion has already qualified, the Reserve Champion will go forward. No pig may qualify more than once. In the event of the Reserve Champion having previously qualified the judge will be asked to nominate another pig to go forward to the final which is sponsored by the Newbury and District Agricultural Society.

The best Berkshire pig from qualifying shows will compete for a Perpetual Jo Clarke Challenge Trophy, and the reserve Champion will receive the Welwick Salver.

380  Best sow, born before 1st January 2018 (to have farrowed a litter in last six months)
381 Best gilt, born between 1st July 2018 and 31st December 2018
382 Best gilt, born on or after 1st January 2019
383 Best boar, born on or after 1st January 2019
  The following classes are to be entered on the day. Rosettes 1st - 3rd, £10 to the winner in each class.
384 Junior pig handler, up to 16 years of age
385 Prettiest pig
386 Pig most like its handler
387 The grumpiest pig
388 The happiest pig