Mountain and Moorland Ponies In-hand


Welsh Section C and D, Connemara and Dales: Mrs Jane Etheridge
Welsh A and B, New Forest and Highland: Mrs Barbara Evans
Shetland, Dartmoor, Exmoor and Fell: Miss J Paterson
Championship: Mrs J Loriston-Clarke MBE

£40 to the Champion and £30 to the Reserve Champion

The Championship will be from the winner of each breed.  Classes may be split into youngstock and 4 years and over if entries allow. 

All ponies must be registered or accepted for registration in their respective breed society stud books, and the registered number must be given on the entry form.

The Driver Challenge Cup awarded by Mr C Driver to the Champion Mountain and Moorland pony. 

Affiliations: Ponies (UK), NPS, WPCS, EPS, Dartmoor PS, BCPS, Dales PS, FPS, HPS, NFPBCS and TSR. 

Qualifiers:1. NPS/Equestrian Marketplace M & M In-hand Summer Championship, 2. NPS/Kilmannan Stud Silver Medal Championship, 3. Ponies (UK) Gold Medal Series, 4. National Welsh Millcroft Gelding Championship, 5. National Welsh Brightwells Section A, B, C and D In-hand Championships, 6. Tam O'Shanter Championship (mares only), 7. Exmoor Pony of the Year, 8. TSR Showing Finals.

The NPS/Kilmannan Stud Silver Medal rosette is offered by the National Pony Society for the best registered pony owned by an NPS Qualifying or Life member in the M & M in-hand section. The sponsors  rosette is also awarded to the pony receiving the qualification. Membership cards (if issued by the breed society) must be presented in the ring to receive the medal and/or qualification. 

NPS/Equestrian Marketplace M & M in-hand Summer Championship. Open to pure bred registered M & M ponies in the main body of their studbook. Owners membership cards (if issued by the breed society) must be shown in the ring to receive qualification. Foals are not eligible.

Breed societies will present special rosettes to the best in breed. Current membership cards to be shown in the ring (if issued by the breed society).

27  Shetland, any age, any sex.Dewland Challenge Trophy (69) awarded to the winner. GEMS will present a rosette to the highest placed miniature Shetland, owned by a member of GEMS. Members must wear their badges in the ring. (Please refer to the SPSBS affiliation rules in the competitor guide).
28 Dartmoor, any age, any sex. 
29 Exmoor, any age, any sex.
30 Fell, any age, any sex.
31 Welsh A/B, any age, any sex.
32 New Forest. any age, any sex. The Ramblers Perpetual Challenge Trophy for the winner. 
33 Highland, any age, any sex. 
34 Welsh C/D, any age, any sex.
35 Connemara any age, any sex. 
36 Dales, any age, any sex.