Judge: TBC

£100 to the Champion and £50 to the Reserve Champion 

Highland females entered in the appendix register of the Highland Cattle Herd book, either Appendix B or Appendix A, are eligible for entry and are identified by the letter ‘B’ or ‘A’ tattooed in the ear or written in waterproof ink on an ear tag.

The Highland Cattle Society will award a rosette to the Champion. Winning exhibitors can gain points for the Highland Cattle Society annual Show Fold of The Year competition. 

The Midlands and Southern Highland Cattle Club will present a sash to the Breed Champion and Reserve Breed Champion.

The Owen Perpetual Challenge Cup (72) presented by Owen Builders Civil Engineering Ltd, will be awarded to the Champion Highland.

90 Cow in calf or with calf at foot, born before 1st January 2014
91 Senior heifer, born in 2014 or 2015
92 Junior heifer, born in 2016
93 Senior bull, born before 1st January 2016
94 Junior bull, born on or after 1st January 2016
95 Group of three animals, (of which two must be female) entered in the other Highland classes and property of the same exhibitor