Dairy Goats

Judge: TBC 

The Goat Classes/Milking competitions are held under the rules and regulations of the British Goat Society. All exhibits must be registered with the BGS as in ownership and in the name of the exhibitor, the registered name and number being quoted on the entry form (also kidding date for goats in milk). All goats in milk must be kidded or aborted a minimum of 30 days previous to the date of the show. 

£25 to the Champion and £15 to the Reserve Champion. £15 to the Best Goatling and £15 to the Best Kid.

The British Goat Society offers:

A rosette for the Best Goat in show.

A Challenge Certificate for the Best Goat that has borne a kid.

A Challenge Certificate for the Best Inspection/Production Goat.

A Breed Challenge Certificate for the Best Goat that has borne a kid of each of the following breeds: Anglo-Nubian, Saanen, Toggenburg, British Alpine, British Saanen, British Toggenburg, Golden Guernsey and British Guernsey.

A Certificate of Merit for the Best British Milker that has borne a kid. 

A full selection of breed society rosettes are offered. 

The Society offers:

A Silver Perpetual Challenge Cup (16), presented by The Surrey County Agricultural Society, to the exhibitor of the Best Goat, who is a member of the Society or the Surrey Goat Club.

A Perpetual Challenge Cup (38), presented by the late B W A Watney, to the exhibitor with the Best Kid.

A Perpetual Challenge Cup (65), presented by the late Mrs E Goymer, to the exhibitor of the Best Goatling.

The Southern Area Challenge Cup, presented by the Golden Guernsey Goat Society, to the best Golden Guernsey Milker (Inspection).

Eight Perpetual Challenge Cups and Trophies, both open and restricted, are offered by The Surrey Goat Club and members thereof.

A special rosette will be awarded to the Best Goatling and the Best Kid.

Please note that classes 230, 236, 242, 243 and 244 that are for mixed breeds will be divided if there are five or more of each respective breed. 

  Females that have borne a kid, any age, in milk 
225 Saanen or British Saanen
226  Toggenburg or British Toggenburg
227 British Alpine
228 Anglo-Nubian
229 Golden or British Guernsey
230 Any other variety
  Goatlings that have not borne a kid, over one but not exceeding two years old 
231 Saanen or British Saanen
232 Toggenburg or British Toggenburg
233 British Alpine
234 Anglo-Nubian
235 Golden or British Guernsey
236 Any other variety
  Female kid - over two months but not exceeding one year old 
237 Saanen or British Saanen
238 Toggenburg or British Toggenburg
239 British Alpine
240 Anglo-Nubian
241 Golden or English Guernsey
242 Any other variety
  Milking competition, goats that have borne a kid, any age 
243 First kidder
244 Second and subsequent kidder