Any Other Dairy Breed

Judge: Miss C M Pledge

£100 to the Champion and £50 to the Reserve Champion

These classes are open to the following breeds: British Friesian, Brown Swiss, Dairy Shorthorn, Guernsey, Kerry and Northern Dairy Shorthorn.

Please note: exhibitors with Gloucester entries are not permitted to enter classes in this section.

Dairy Shorthorn exhibitors must be members of the Shorthorn Society of UK and Ireland. All cows and heifers are required to be entered in the Coate's Herd Book Main or Supplementary sections and be red, white or blue in colour. Foundtion and Grade A animals are not eligible to be shown. 

141 Heifer, due to calve with first calf within four calendar months of the date of the Show 
142 Cow in calf, and due to calve within four calendar months of the date of the Show
143 Heifer in milk, in her first lactation
144 Cow in milk or in calf, with second calf which was produced under the age of four and a half years
145 Cow in milk or in calf, any age, which has produced not less than 27,250kg of milk by 31 March 2018 - certificates to be sent with entry
146 Cow in milk, which had produced three or more calves
147  Group of three animals, entered in the above classes and property of the same exhibitor 
148 Progeny group of two females, by the same sire or out of the same dam, entered in the above classes and the property of the same handler